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I have hidden Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You. Psalm 119:11

When people read this verse, their first thought is that they need to memorize scripture.  It is never a bad thing to memorize scripture, yet this verse means so much more than memorization.  Some people are gifted when it comes to memorizing scripture, while others struggle with the art of memorization.  There are many people who know all kinds of trivia and facts about the Bible, but do not believe in God.  There are others who are brilliant and can quote verses throughout the scripture, but do not allow the Holy Spirit to guide their lives.

To hide God’s word in your heart means you read it, study it, believe it, meditate on it, and allow the scripture to change your heart.  All of us should have the ability to read and hear God’s word.  And all of us should have the ability to allow God’s word to impact our faith in God and to impact how we live.  If you really want to “hide God’s word in your hearts,” then you allow God’s word to make a difference in your heart.  That is why the Psalm says you will not sin.  Not because you know the verse, but because you have allowed the verse to change your heart.

Read Psalm 119:9-16

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