Pray For Super Summer

Pray For Super Summer

Monday, July 08, 2019 - Friday, July 12, 2019

SUPER SUMMER is a training and learning experience for students who have already committed their lives to Christ and who are seeking to develop their fullest potential as Christian leaders. 

On Monday, Super Summer participants are plunged into a world of color!  Every grade has their own color, theme and school!  Each day, the schools meet for Bible study then divide into smaller discussion groups.  Wild n’ crazy recreation is an incredible time when the schools compete for the top prize.  In the evenings, all the schools come together for Rainbow Celebration Super Summer is not for everyone in the youth group.  

While not exclusive, these are the evidences in the lives of those who will be given the opportunity to  participate in Super Summer Leadership Camp:


  • Personal relationship with Christ, profession of faith, baptized
  • Regular personal time with God outside of church activities
  • Hard copy Bible used to chronicle personal growth
  • Regularly shares what God is teaching them in their personal worship times
  • Active prayer life — individually & corporately


  • Christian witness on school campus
  • Christian witness at home
  • Christian witness in neighborhood/community


  • 75% regular attendance
  • Takes initiative in leading without being prompted
  • Engages guests; makes guests feel welcome; includes guests in their circles
  • Shares hard copy Bible with others; offers to secure a Bible for those without one
  • Knows how to & can guide a person to begin their personal relationship with Christ
  • Leads as they participate in corporate worship
  • Relationships with multiple generations

Note:  Super Summer 2019 participants are required to participate in one additional summer trip/event.

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