LifeGroup Kickoff Sunday

LifeGroup Kickoff Sunday

Sunday, August 19, 2018, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

LifeGroup Kickoff Sunday is a church emphasis on Sunday Morning
Bible Study. All who attend Woodlawn are encouraged to find a LifeGroup. You will grow in your faith and in your relationship with other people at Woodlawn. Those in Children’s and Youth LifeGroups will promote to their new classes.

Fall 2018 Adult LifeGroups

8:15 LifeGroups

  • Intergenerational Group: Room A100“The Book of Esther Study” This group consists of Median Adults and Senior Adults.
  • Fellowship Class: Room M103“Galatians and James Study” This is a lecture only class. All ages are welcome.

9:30 LifeGroups

  • College and Career: Room M203–College age adults who are either attending college full time or part time. College age adults who are not attending college are welcome.
  • Young Adults I (20+): Room M202“Investigating the Gospel Story through Luke.” Adults in their 20’s and 30’s. Single and Married adults.  The majority do not have children.
  • Young Adults (30+): Room M201“Engaging people in the church and learning how to Pray Study.”  Adults from their 30’s to their 40’s.  Many have children from babies to elementary ages.  Single and Married Adults are welcome.    
  • Vertical Group: Room M204“Back to the Basics of Faith” Adults who are in their 40’s and up. Many have teenage or college age children while others have children as young as Preschool. 
  • Connection Class: Room M102“Faith and Fear Study.” A class for all age groups at Woodlawn.

11:00 LifeGroups

  • Crossroads: Room M103 “The Gospel of John” - Median Adults who are empty nesters, (but the children rebound back home) children are in college or attempting to launch into adulthood.
  • Koinonia: Room M105“A study of the Gospel of Mark.” This group consists of median adults and senior adults. 
  • Faithwalkers: Room M100“Character and the Crown” a study of 1 Samuel.  Retired or Nearly Retired class. The majority of this class is 65 +.
  • Lighthouse: Room A101– This single adult group consists of median to senior adults.

Fall 2018 Children’s LifeGroups

  • 9:30 Preschool LifeGroup: Preschool Wing - All preschoolers meet in the Preschool Wing. Stop by the Preschool Check-In Desk for security stickers and sign in/out in your child's room. Each week a Bible Story is taught through hands on activities and story telling. 
  • 9:30 Children’s LifeGroups: CY Building - Kindergartners through Sixth graders meet in the CY Building. The Kindergartners through Third graders need to be signed in/out each week in their room. Each week a Bible Story is taught through hands on activities and story telling.

Fall 2018 Youth LifeGroups

  • 9:30 Youth LifeGroups: Great Hall - Breakfast foods are available beginning at 9:00AM. Students enjoy being together playing air hockey, ping-pong, pool and arcade basketball prior to going to their individual grade LifeGroups for Bible study.


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