Church COVID-19 Updates

The Early traditional worship will begin at 9:30am and the late contemporary worship will begin at 11:00am. 

Also, there will be a LifeGroup for all ages.  Some of the groups will be combined as we deal with fewer volunteers and teachers, and attendees.  However, the goal is to function as close to normal as possible. 

Masks and Social distancing will continue to be emphasized in worship and in LifeGroups.

Volunteers needed: If you do plan to attend, please be aware that we need volunteers to help in many different areas since many of our volunteers will not be able to attend in person.  Please contact   if you are willing to serve.

Children and Youth Ministries: Both the Children’s ministries and Youth ministries are preparing to bring their Sunday morning ministries back on campus November 1st.   

Due to many of the teachers being in the high-risk group, Woodlawn will need volunteers on a temporary basis to fill their roles.  Be aware that all children and youth volunteer positions go through an interview process and background check for the safety and protection of our children.

RSVP for Worship Service

We are asking all those that plan to attend to RSVP for the service that they will be attending.   When you register, you can provide the number for all those that plan to attend with you. (We do not need every person’s name.)   If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact  

  • 9:30am Traditional Sunday Morning Worship Service

Click here to register

  • 11:00 am Contemporary Sunday Morning Worship Service 

Click here to register

Please read below to understand some of the details.  You can also click on the “FAQ’s for Woodlawn Campus Reopening.” 

FAQs for Woodlawn Campus Reopening

Here are a few details concerning the Reopening of the church campus.

  • People will need to register to attend a worship service.
  • People are being asked to wear masks.
  • All people will be asked to sanitize their hands as they enter and leave the church building. 
  • Many doors will be propped open so that there is a minimum need to touch door handles.
  • All Adult, Youth, and Children LifeGroups will start back on November 1st, while maintaining the 6ft of social distancing between individuals or family units.  And, they will be asked to wear masks.  (Except for pre-school)
  • Many of the LifeGroups will be merged with others due to size of group and availability of Teachers.
  • Adult LifeGroups are expected to manage the size of their class compared to the capacity allowed in that classroom. 
  • All current online experiences and resources will continue.
  • The Last Wednesday Night worship will be October 21st

Please do not attend if you are having any Covid 19 symptoms.  This includes having a fever, a cough, to even a loss of smell and taste. 

Zoom Multi-Generational Adult Lifegroup

A new multi-generational LifeGroup is available on zoom on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. The lessons will be taught from the church with a small group (less than 10) in attendance that will allow for discussion and those on zoom can ask questions as well. (LifeGroups that are already meeting on Zoom on Sunday mornings will not need to adjust their schedule.) If you want to be a part of this temporary LifeGroup, please click on the following link.

Church Online Resources

Office Hours and Church Staff

The church office will be open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 12:00pm. You will be able to drop off or pick items up at the church and call the church office. Due to safety concerns for the ministry assistants, the office doors will remain locked. There is a speaker, video and remote unlock for the front door.

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